First Time Buyer

“As with most people, the decision to purchase our first home was an exciting one, but taking the next step of getting a mortgage was a slightly more daunting task. There is so much information available about all the different financial vehicles and of course every provider is offering what they feel is the ‘right solution’. But, what was the right solution for us? That’s when we found Zamir Kassam and honestly, everything went incredibly smoothly from there! We really felt throughout the entire process that we had a professional working on our behalf to get us the financing necessary to purchase a home. He understood our financial needs and helped us decide what type of mortgage was going to work for us. In addition to his knowledge of the mortgage industry Zamir is a very fun and easy going person, which made it much easier to ask those questions that highlighted the fact that we are not in his industry. Both my husband and I felt very comfortable whenever we spoke with Zamir and have confidence in the decisions we made based on his expertise. We are still celebrating having our first home and as hard as it may be to believe we celebrate the incredible mortgage Zamir secured for us as well!”

Katie Kinch

Vancouver, bc