Zamir Kassam has over 18 years’ experience as a licensed mortgage broker in Vancouver British Columbia.  He is a member of the Summit Club and a Finalist for Mortgage Broker of the Year from all mortgage brokerage houses across Canada.

Zamir’s background is in finance, specializing in Accounting.  He holds a 4th level designation as a Certified General Accountant. Back in the day, he worked in a firm only to realize that accounting was not as exciting as his father led him to believe.  He then completed the marketing management program at BCIT.  Zamir is currently the Vice President of the Commercial Division at TMG The Mortgage Group.

Zamir’s education, experience and passion about this business allow him to be a great mortgage broker. He has the financial background accompanied with enough life experience to make him knowledgeable, careful and critical. His own personal ethics ensure you honesty, fairness and loyalty. Zamir understands that getting a mortgage is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life; and he values the fact that he can make this entire experience a fruitful, honest, and enjoyable one.