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Better rates than the Bank

I do a significant amount of volume with all banks, credit unions and financial institutions. This gives me, along with all of my clients, quantity discounts and special offers with regard to rates and products. Essentially, since I deal with banks in bulk, they give me better discounts as opposed to you going into a branch individually. It’s sort of like buying wholesale rather than retail. If you require a private mortgage or have poor credit – give us a call!

No Fees

On residential mortgages, you do not incur any fees or charges. The lender pays us a standard finder’s fee for bringing them in new business. This means my allegiance is completely to you. As long as you are getting the best possible rate accompanied with the most flexibility in your mortgage, I am totally impartial as to which lender we use. I only pull ONE credit bureau and then have unlimited access to all 40 lenders of your choice.

Honesty At Any Cost

Fill out an application so I can begin figuring out your best possible path. I will always give you honest advice; even if it means sticking with your current bank or urging you to wait before rushing to buy. The form is protected so your application is completely secure. All information will remain completely confidential.